NKOTB + BSB = An Evolution in Style (VIDEO)


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Tell me you didn’t turn into a 13-year-old girl when you saw the silhouettes of New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys on the AMA stage, the final American Music Awards 2010 performers. And while we were listening to the (awesome) old-school throwbacks from these two legendary boy bands (video below), we just couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that these “boys” are undisputedly grown men. It wasn’t the semi-awkward dance moves or the sometimes-shaky vocals, but just look at those sharp looking gentlemen up there.

NKOTB and BSB announced that they’re teaming up for a ’90s Dream Team tour, but even if the music, lyrics and dance moves are all the same — there’s one glaring change. And after looking back at their former fashion statements, we couldn’t be more relieved. Look how far these boys have come:


new kids on the blocknew kids on the block


nkotb bsbnkotb bsb

The new, chic NKOTBSB:


The pants fit better, the jeans are darker and the only things wildly patterned are their tattoos. But despite their new looks, there are some things we don’t want to ever change:

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