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I am totally clueless about make-up. I prefer the natural look, but like most people, my face needs a little touching up! I was excited to stumble across these video tutorials that focus on creating a natural, “no make-up” look! Get the details, below:

London Make-Up Artist, Lisa Eldridge, has a really informative website full of tutorials and videos on creating different looks. Most of her tutorials focus on creating an effortless look that brightens up the face without calling attention to the make-up itself! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • No Make-Up Make-Up 1 of 11
    No Make-Up Make-Up
    Lisa shows how to get that totally natural look while, concealing discoloration and blemishes and pumping up the lip and cheek color you already have.
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Beauty Regimine for Long Flights 2 of 11
    Beauty Regimine for Long Flights
    Learn the best beauty tips for looking presentable on a long trip!
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Summer Evening Look 3 of 11
    Summer Evening Look
    Learn to apply this 1970's inspired shimmery, evening look for summer!
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Natural Shimmery Summer Glow 4 of 11
    Natural Shimmery Summer Glow
    Give your skin that natural summer glow, with just a little bit of help from your make-up bag.
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Long Lasting Evening Look 5 of 11
    Long Lasting Evening Look
    Lisa teaches you how to apply make-up that will last all evening for parties and special occasions.
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Pink Flush 6 of 11
    Pink Flush
    Just a little tip to make you look fresh and awake!
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Causes and Treatments for Puffiness Under the Eyes 7 of 11
    Causes and Treatments for Puffiness Under the Eyes
    I don't know a person who doesn't deal with this problem! Get the solution in this short video! Also check out the one for dark circles under the eyes!
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Simple and Beautiful Party Make-Up 8 of 11
    Simple and Beautiful Party Make-Up
    Learn how to look stunning for a party without over doing it!
    Watch the tutorial at
  • One Lipstick, Different Ways 9 of 11
    One Lipstick, Different Ways
    In this video, Lisa teaches you how to get the most out of one tube of lipstick.
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Chic and Simple 5 Minute Make-Up 10 of 11
    Chic and Simple 5 Minute Make-Up
    For those of us who don't have a lot of time, or enjoy the make-up process, Lisa shows us a 5 minute make-up routine!
    Watch the tutorial at
  • Tips for Darker Skin Tones 11 of 11
    Tips for Darker Skin Tones
    Lisa shares the best tips and ideas for darker skin tones.
    Watch the tutorial at

Thanks to Constança Cabral for the heads up about this site!

Photo: Lisa Eldridge.

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