No More Skidding with Skidders


Since hardwood and tile floors can be slippery traps for shoeless feet, Skidders can do just the trick. They are light and comfortable like socks but their gripper bottoms prevent those accidental falls. If a do-it-yourself alternative is more your style see what you can add to the bottoms of those socks and slippers…

Hot glue is a great way to keep those socks and slippers from sliding about. Just make sure you don’t toss them in the dryer, I learned that the hard way. The DIY alternative can be found on Prudent Baby.

There’s a large collection of boys and girls Skidders you will definitely want to check out. The little dinosaurs are so cute! I’m thinking Christmas presents.


Add a pair od Skidders to these stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family!

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