Say Goodbye to Ugly Power Cords!


power cord

I have always had an issue with power cords. Why do they have to be so ugly? They make your living area unsightly and that’s a big problem for me. Thankfully there is now a solution! Isn’t this the most beautiful power cord you have ever seen? I love the simple and modern design. And those colors! Aren’t they gorgeous? I would happily put this in plain sight in my home, so long as the cords plugged into it were half decent looking of course. This cord comes in three color pallets. I am partial to the white, but they are all so great. You can buy your own here on OKUM for $79. To me, that is totally worth it. Like I said, regular power cords are the bane of my design-loving existence! What do you think? Would you pay that much for a power cord?


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