Not Just a Scarf! 10 Ways to Refashion a Scarf


Want to know a little secret? I’m a scarf hoarder. As in, I own dozens upon dozens and I can’t quit buying them! I love the colors and the patterns and the way they instantly jazz up any outfit and make it look completely stylish. Turns out though, a scarf can be so much more than just a scarf! From necklaces to camera straps to aprons, you can easily refashion a scarf in so many awesome ways. Have a few scarves you want to give a little makeover? Click through for 10 chic ways to refashion a scarf!

  • 10 Ways to Refashion a Scarf 1 of 11
    10 Ways to Refashion a Scarf from

    From camera straps to aprons to necklaces - check out 10 DIY ideas to refashion a scarf!

  • Scarf Camera Strap 2 of 11
    How to Make a Camera Strap from a Scarf

    As a lady who almost always carries her camera around, a pretty camera strap is a must! I love this one made from a beautiful floral print scarf.
    Get the how-to at The House That Lars Built | Photo by Brittany Watson Jepsen

  • No-Sew Scarf Apron 3 of 11
    DIY No-Sew Scarf Apron

    I'm crazy about this adorable apron! It's made from two pretty scarves and a bit of ribbon.
    Get the how-to at In the Loop | Photo by Brittni of Papernstitch

  • Great Gatsby Inspired Head Scarf 4 of 11
    How to Style a Great Gatsby Scarf

    I love the chic look of a great head scarf - why not channel our inner Great Gatsby and all wear scarves in our hair this summer?
    Get the how-to at Henry Happened

  • Scarf Bow Flats 5 of 11
    DIY Scarf Bow Flats

    Jazz up a pair of inexpensive flats (these ones are from Payless) with pretty bows made from a scarf. You just need a pair of scissors, a needle and a bit of thread!
    Get the how-to at Stars for Streetlights

  • Scarf Shirt 6 of 11
    DIY Scarf Shirt

    How cool is this shirt?! It's made from two scarves and a bit of basic sewing. I love how it looks with a flowy skirt!
    Get the how-to at Stars for Streetlights

  • Chignon Scarf 7 of 11
    How to Style a Chignon Scarf

    I love this chic and playful look for summer! Give your chignon a little kick with the addition of a pretty, colorful scarf.
    Get the how-to at The Shine Project

  • Scarf Watch Strap 8 of 11
    Make a Watch Strap from a Scarf

    How amazing does this watch look with a bold scarf in lieu of a basic watch strap? The best part is, you can switch it up whenever you like to suit your mood or outfit.
    Get the how-to at Plan B

  • Scarf Bead Necklace 9 of 11
    DIY Scarf Bead Necklace

    A bold statement necklace is wildly chic and I just love this one! It's made from a silk scarf and foam balls. So cool!
    Get the how-to at In the Loop | Photo by Vickie of Adventures in Fashion

  • Scarf Wrapped Bracelet 10 of 11
    DIY Scarf Wrapped Bangles

    Basic bangles get a chic and stylish update when wrapped with a fun striped scarf. Stacked together, the look is especially fun!
    Get the how-to at In the Loop | Photo by Henry Happened

  • Scarf Kaftan Dress 11 of 11
    How to Make a Dress from Silk Scarves

    Can you believe this dramatic kaftan dress was made with just two inexpensive scarves? Paired with a stack of gold bangles and classic black pumps, the look is perfect for a night out!
    Get the how-to at Style Slicker | Photo + DIY by Style Slicker and Park & Cube

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