Not Your Average Decal


Shanna Murray Wall DecalThe wall decal market is expanding at a breakneck pace, and parents are big into the idea, with good reason: wall stickers offer an easy, inexpensive decorating option that can be changed out quickly as kids’ fickle tastes evolve. But of course, not all decals are created equal. Some are eh, some are good, some are great, and some are actually incredibly beautiful. Falling into the last category, the new line of wall and window decals by artist Shanna Murray.

The delicate style of her collection is so sophisticated (perhaps because they are not explicitly meant for kids), but so sweet. Each would add a quirky bit of warmth and love to a nursery or kids room. I especially appreciate that many of them encourage interaction—begging kids to tack a favorite photo or drawing or scavanged treasure to the wall. All are offered in a range of five colors (all smoky and muted and gorgeous), so you can pick the right pairing for your wall color. But it’s hard to imagine anything more compelling than these white ones on a dusty chalkboard wall. So chic! See the whole line here.

Shanna Murray Wall Decal

Shanna Murray Wall Decals

Shanna Murray Decals

Photos: Shanna Murray