One Dollhouse, For the Road


Meryl Levin DIY Dollhouse for Cookie MagazineA few years ago I designed a little DIY dollhouse for a Cookie magazine story. It was made up of two foam core pieces that I wallpapered and decorated with cutout accessories. The pieces fit together like a puzzle, and, as an added bonus, the dollhouse was easily disassembled and toted to playdates or grandma’s.

While I had lots of fun making this mini abode (during work hours no less), I’m sure most moms have far more pressing things to do then glue wrapping paper to foam core. So I was excited to discover a ready-made version by Ferm Living. Ferm has an adorable line of kids wallpapers, and they used their own designs on the house. So cute! Their version is also more sophisticated, with a pitched roof, and windows to boot.

But I love that it supports my original theory—that is, kids don’t need big fancy toys to get their imaginations going. Give them four walls (well papered of course) and they will take care of the rest!

Ferm Living Foldable Dollhouse

Photos: Cookie Magazine, Ferm Living

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