Onesie, Shmonsie…


Ok we’ve all seen the slew of adorable/hip/ironic/cool onesies over the years, and they continue to mulitply, but how about toddler tees? I’ve found there is a definite shortage but when I do find them, I buy them as gifts. I personally think it’s a myth that kids don’t enjoy getting clothes, as long as there’s some cool print on it. And not just girls– boys too!  In fact, my daughter’s best friend is a boy and every year for his birthday I’ve bought him a cool tee (searching high and low for them) as a gift and he loves them.

Funny Hunny Bunny makes some to-the-point, graphic tees (and onesies, of course!) that any kid would enjoy. Dad wears a tie to the office? Get the child the tie print tee.

There’s also the stethoscope, the monkey and the very cool guitar.

BUT the best part about these tees? They’re eco-friendly. Even the graphics are made with non-toxic dyes and the white color is from food grade hydrogen peroxide and not bleach. Wow, impressive. AND yet another great thing about Funny Hunny Bunny (few, it’s a mouthful!)? They offer gorgeous gift wrapping (and from recycled paper of course), four choices of printed paper, so that when you want to send a gift, it actually comes looking the way you’d wrap it (no offense Amazon!).

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