Oprah Winfreys Half Sister


Oprah Winfrey revealed tonight she has a long-lost half sister.  What exciting news!  Can  you imagine what that would be like!?

The talk show diva announced on her show on Monday that she learned, as recently as November, that she has a half-sister named Patricia.  Patricia was clandestinely given up for adoption in 1963.  Here’s the rest of the story:

When nine years old in 1963, Oprah never noticed that her mother was pregnant. Since her mother Vermita Lee couldn’t afford to keep Patricia, Oprah’s sister was secretly put up for adoption.  Patricia, whose last name was not announced, learned of their connection  and the long-lost sisters’ first meeting was recorded on home video in Milwaukee.  Oprah was very grateful to her sister for not going to the media with this news, and for allowing her to relish in the experience directly. 
Oprah said that the news “literally shook me to my core.”

It’s amazing how life throws you curve balls.  Oprah has always seemed level headed and generous and as a mother, I’ve always appreciated the clarity of thought I gain from reading her O magazine.  I’ve admired her since her debut in The Color Purple, and can only hope that she and her newly found sister will find further inspiration from each other.

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