Oprah's Sister: Sister Gifts


Oprah is announcing today that she has a half-sister that she didn’t know about. Learning about something like this is actually more common than you might imagine. And in fact, this exact thing happened in our immediate family, except that it was a brother learning about a brother. Either way, the emotions can be very complex. Joy. Confusion. Celebration. Recalibration. And on and on and on. What helps me? I’m a gift giver (I would bet Oprah is too). And here are a few new sister gifts I would love.

Keep reading for our favorite lovely sister gifts…

From Roundabout

From Enrouge

From BlueToad.

Tree of Change. That’s saying a lot. And a journal is a lovely way to work through getting your head around something like this.

All of our best to Oprah. If anyone can show us how to handle something like this, she can!