Organic (and Non-Alcoholic) Crib Bedding


Honeyami Honeycomb Organic Crib BeddingAmong the decor decisions that expectant parents make, crib bedding is a biggie. There are oodles of options, more everyday it seems, and after picking out furniture, bedding is a chance to have fun with color and pattern.

Or not?

A pediatrician once explained to me (while promoting her own line of crib bedding actually) that newborn babies have little ability to focus their eyes, and that for them, staring at busy patterns is disconcerting. Sort of like being drunk.

This stuck with me. It makes sense that it would be easier to rest and sleep in a visually quiet environment. So while I appreciate all of the excellent crib bedding designs on the market, for my daughter, I wanted simple, plain, serene.  Oh, and soft, and organic. Too much to ask?

Seems like it would be easy to find, but the options were pretty limited (I ended up with this lovely set). Happily for babies arriving now, there’s Honeyami.

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The Honeyami Honeycomb Quilt bedding is as sweet and simple as it gets, and made of 100% organic cotton. Family Style readers can enter code BABBLE15 at checkout to get 15% off (order by July 1st).

Honeyami Honeycomb Organic Crib Bedding

Photos: Honeyami

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