Organic Baby Clothes for Your Little Munchkin


organic baby clothes Urban MunchkinHave you ever noticed that it’s surprisingly difficult to find really simple baby clothes? Cozy pieces without characters, without patterns. Just solid colors in pretty shades, sewn into great shapes for babies. Shapes that allow babies to crawl and roll and move around as much as they’d like. Clothes that are as comfy as pajamas, but don’t look like nighttime wear.

I count myself of fan of all sorts of baby clothes, but sometimes I crave something basic (in the best sense of the word) like these organic, super-soft offerings from Urban Munchkin.

Can’t you just imagine your toddler running around in these colorful pieces? Trying somersaults and leaps?

organic baby clothes Urban Munchkinorganic baby clothes Urban Munchkin

Urban Munchkin does offer a neat Mandala line with pretty graphics, but my favorites are the solids. What about you? How do you like to dress your babies? Do you crave headbands and frills and graphics? Or do you favor plain and simple?

organic baby clothes Urban Munchkin