Pandora - Internet Radio Is For Kids Too...



My kid, she likes the Disney music. A lot. Many a day I find her humming Mary Poppin’s “A Spoon Full of Sugar”, The Little Mermaid’s “Part of World”, or “I’m Wishing” from Snow White. But I have yet to invest in the entire Disney catalog, as she most undoubtedly would like me to. Those kids, they’re fickle. Today’s Mary Poppins could be tomorrow’s Mary J. Blige. But instead of getting out the credit card and going kid music crazy on iTunes, I found a very easy, practical and free way to get her music… Pandora. I’ve actually used Pandora for years. But just for things I’ve liked.But now, like many things, the kid has taken over.

If you are one of the non-Pandora savvy, it’s an internet radio site where you create your own station. You put in an artist or song and they’ll feed in music that matches that genre or style. But I’ve ignored my M.I.A., Misfits and Pixies stations of late, everytime we start up Pandora we find ourselves on the Walt Disney Children’s Radio, or the Mary Poppins Medley station. It’s all about the good old-fashioned Disney tunes in our house these days. But there is one big drawback, you are forced to hear ads every so often, which kind of breaks the musical spell. But on the plus side, if you hear a song you can’t stand- and in my daughter’s case, she hates a sad ballad you have the option to skip it. But be warned, you can only skip a certain amount of tunes per hour.

It’s also pretty handy,  you can download it as an always ready app on your iPhone. And it was recently announced that Ford’s will be becoming equipped with Pandroa radio service. That way you can listen to “A Whole New World” here, there and everywhere.  Best of all, it’s free. And if your child isn’t crazy for the Disney, you can create channels based on Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer or The Wiggles. Check it out here. Yes, you’re welcome.

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