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A Few More Ways to Make Your House Safer

  1. Everywhere: place smoke alarms throughout the house. Test them once per month and change batteries once a year.

  2. Balconies: railings a child can fit through should be professionally babyproofed with plexiglass or other safety equipment. If installing railing, keep slats less than four inches apart.

  3. Stairs: purchase gates for top and bottom of stairwells that fit properly. At the top of stairs, remove any furniture or items that could be used to climb over the gate. Do not use accordian-style gates that may trap tiny limbs.

  4. Doors: remove rubber-tipped door stops or replace them with soft door jambs, as the tips pose a choking hazard. Doors that lead to balconies or pools should be locked or installed with doorknob locks.

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