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7 Ways to Make Your Cooking Space Safer

  1. Keep utensils separated according to safety. Kids love to play with kitchen gear, so keep some items accessible that are safe for play (such as Tupperware, wooden spoons, etc.). Then corral all unsafe items (knives, items with small parts, slicers, cleaning products, matches, items with cords) in one high and locked cabinet.
  2. Since you might need to use cleaning products often (like dishwasher soap or counter spray), consider moving these to a high cabinet instead of locking them under the sink. Because you’ll be accessing them so often, you may grow lazy in locking it, leading to accidents.
  3. Check drawers to see that they have stops and can’t be pulled all the way out and onto little heads.
  4. Keep your dishwasher locked except when you are loading or unloading. Do not leave an unloaded dishwasher unattended as you likely have knives in the bottom rack and breakable glasses.childproof tip
  5. Keep appliances unplugged when not in use.
  6. Check to see when your oven is in use that the doors don’t get hot enough to burn little fingers.
  7. If you often toss out items that may be hazardous (empty cans, bottles, spoiled food, small items) use a trash can or recycling bin with a lock or latch.

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