Timeline of Childproofing for Different Kids’ Ages

childproof timeline

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0-6 Months: “Don’t underestimate how mobile your child is,” says Dr. Pang. Never leave a baby unattended on a changing table or bed. Even if you know your child hasn’t started rolling over, one day he’ll surprise you, so you want to be prepared. Always fasten straps on strollers, and watch for any possible falls.

6-12 Months: At this age, your child is starting to crawl and eventually walk. You want to familiarize yourself with your baby’s perspective. And watch for chokable items. The team at Family First suggests using an empty toilet paper tube — if an object can fit inside, it’s too small to have near the baby.

1-2 Years: At this age, babies are on the move constantly. The key now is to avoid burns, which are a common accident among toddlers. Now that children are starting to stand up, they are capable of pulling things down on top of themselves. Dr. Pang recommends that parents keep any hot beverages way back on counters and out of reach. Turn pot handles on the stove inward and be sure to anchor media centers, televisions and stereo equipment that children may climb or pull on.

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