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One of my favorite bloggers just came out with a book! Nichole Roberston authors Little Brown Pen and has been posting colorful photos of Paris for years now. I love her work and love reading about her life in Paris. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Just reading the opener on the preview left me inspired. All the photos in the book are arranged by color. So fun! Click through to see more of Nichole’s gorgeous photos of Paris!

  • Cafe Chairs 1 of 5
    Cafe Chairs
    There's nothing like a Paris cafe and this 8x10 giclée print is a great way to bring the spirit of Paris to your home.
    $28 at The Paris Print Shop.
  • Wildflowers 2 of 5
    I'll never forget the first time I visited France and saw fields of poppies. I still have one pressed in a book! This 16 x 20 print of wildflowers in Belleville Park in Paris would look gorgeous in a bedroom!
    $75 at The Paris Print Shop.
  • Buildings Along the Seine 3 of 5
    Buildings Along the Seine
    These gorgeous white buildings along the Seine would look pretty framed up for a kitchen or living room wall.
    $75 at The Paris Print Shop.
  • Set of Paris Postcards 4 of 5
    Set of Paris Postcards
    This postcard set makes a great gift for any Paris lover. It is available in red, yellow, white, or green.
    $15 at The Paris Print Shop.
  • Baguettes 5 of 5
    This print would look so great hanging in a kitchen!
    $28 at The Paris Print Shop.

All photos by Nichole Robertson.  Buy Paris in Color right here.

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