Pearl Harbor Day 2010: Teaching Kids About D Day December 7th & the USS Arizona


To kids of a certain age, our countries history – both the happy and the horrific- are to be passed on. The tragedies of our past are what helped build us to become what we are today. The historical scars may not be the most pleasant to share with your children, but it’s still important to educate our kids about the past.

On December 7th, we American take pause to remember D-Day, Pearl Harbor and the fate of the USS Arizona. And for those of us that aren’t historians, we need a bit of help describing what happened on D-Day. That’s where books come in!

Here are some titles that will help educate your 2010 child about this important date in US History.

Pearl Harbor: Ready to Read Level 3
By Stephen Krensky
for readers 4-8
$3.99 here.

A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor
by Harry Mazer
for readers 9-12
$5.99 here

Remeber Pearl Harbor: Japanese and American Survivors Tell Their Stories
by Thomas B. Allen
for readers  9-12
$15.34 here

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