Perfect Summer Family Vacations


Summer is my favorite season. I love all the family time and especially family vacations! Here are some pretty perfect ideas for your family vacation this summer.

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  • Atlantis 2 of 9
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    It actually exists! Atlantis is the most amazing resort right in the middle of paradise. There is even a water slide that goes through a shark tank. Boy's heaven.

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  • San Diego 3 of 9
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    Oh, San Diego. How I love thee. It's such a great city for the whole family.

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  • Circus Circus 4 of 9
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    Often voted the most family friendly hotel in Las Vegas, Circus Circus will keep the kiddos entertained for sure.

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  • Explore A New City 5 of 9
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    Pick a city and go! I love researching to find out the fun and unique things to do in a city. 

    Image found here on Bridges Chinese Network.

  • The Outer Banks 6 of 9
    family summer vacations 05

    I love the outer banks. It is so beautiful and peaceful. If you haven't gone, do your family a favor and go!

    Image found here on NC Beaches.

  • D.C. 7 of 9
    family summer vacations 06

    Maybe it's a little nerdy, but it would be so educational to explore Washington D.C. Besides all the educational sites, there are tons of cool things to do!

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  • Vancouver 8 of 9
    family summer vacations 07

    Vancouver is a stunning city. I would love to rent some bikes and see it all!

    Image found here on See Vancouver BC.

  • Camping In Tennessee 9 of 9
    family summer vacations 08

    Have you ever driven through Tennessee? It is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to go camping for a few days on one of their beautiful lakes.

    Image found here on I Explore.


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