Pizza Party Toy = Yum & Fun


My son, JD,  celebrated his third birthday this past Monday! My family and I took him to a friend’s restaurant for dinner and we got the royal treatment, which meant JD got to make a pizza! He had so much fun! Check out this adorable pic of him.

Naturally, I needed to find him a pizza making toy! To the rescue: Melissa and Doug Pizza Party. The wooden pizza comes with 6 slices that are held together by Velcro. Each piece has three Velcro disks for attaching the pizza toppings including: pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers.

It also comes with a nifty pizza cutter to slice the pizza. The functioning rolling blade works like a real utensil and makes a fun crunching sound. Not only is this toy delish, it’s also a great learning tool! Go over colors and shapes while your child uses his imagination to whip up a yummy pie.