Potty Training in A Tube?


I just stumbled across this, umm, interesting invention. Personally, unless I’m at the doctor, I just don’t want to see pee in a tube. But then again, I don’t have a son. Maybe if I did this product would make more sense to me? Moms of sons, please weigh in. Let me tell you more about the Tinkle Tube after the jump…

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So, the tinkle tube is for, well, tinkle. It’s billed as a way to potty train boys to teach them to… uhhh… “aim.” And Baby Rock Apparel, the makers of this gadget, also claim it makes a good “potty-on-the-go.” You can get some here for $5.99 each. Who thinks this is a good idea? Enlighten me in the comments please…

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