Pretend Play Furniture for Under $20


play furniture

Since this might be our last year before our toddler really understand the concept of Santa and Christmas gifts, my husband and I have been looking into getting one special thing for him, and a pretend play set is pretty high on the list. Yet many of the play kitchen, grocery and tool bench sets are well over $100, which is why I’m completely enamored with the pretend play furniture selling for $12 on Etsy.

There’s only one catch…

You have to build them yourself.

However, with some recycled corrugated cardboard, wire hangers, binder rings, and odds and ends most likely lying around the house, all you need is the instructional booklet (which is where the $12 comes in) from the Etsy shop Forty-Two Roads. There’s no glue, nails or screws involved at all.

imaginative play

Besides the washing machine, you can also make this shop for your little one to house his tools…

play room furniture

Or you can turn it into a toll booth!

imaginative play

And, of course, you can even make a play kitchen with simple step-by-step instructions.

imaginative play furniture

So if you’re feeling handy, know that people normally charge a lot for cardboard play furniture — especially  for it’s safe, eco-friendly and portable features. Plus, there’s something so inspiring about playing with handmade toys — especially ones made by you! Order your $12 PDF instructional booklets at Etsy.

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