Pretty Ornaments for under 75 Cents


When my husband and I first married, we strung cranberries and orange peels on our meager tree.  These days, you can spend the same amount as we did on the fruit, and pick up gorgeous ornaments at West Elm instead!  High-end event planner David Stark recently collaborated with West Elm to create a line of affordable, but beautiful, holiday decorations–including pretty, little ornaments priced at under 75 cents each.  Made from natural and recycled materials, these holiday decorations are made for those who want a dressier, more high-end look without breaking the bank.  Save the money for gifting I say!

More images and links to vintage birds, garlands, and that lovely topiary tree after the jump.

David Stark for West Elm – $4 for a set of 6 ornaments

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