Pretty Planters From Leif


Leif always has pretty items for your home, but I especially am loving the planters they have right now! The different colors and mediums have me wanting to dedicate a whole room to just indoor plants. Check them out!

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    planter 01

    I am in love with this planter. The shape and the colors: it's just too perfect! 

    Get it here for $40 from Leif

  • Copper 3 of 5
    planter 02

    Copper is one of my favorite metals (I have many!) Isn't this little copper pot perfect? I love the square shape. 

    Get it here for $18 from Leif

  • Brushstrokes 4 of 5
    planter 03

    I do love a good brush stroke. This planter is simple and fun at the same time. I love it! 

    Get it here for $30 from Leif

  • Speckled 5 of 5
    planter 04

    It kind of reminds me of constellations which makes me very happy. 

    Get it here for $44 from Leif


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