Put Your Self First: How To Wear Your Summer Clothes in Fall


If it was up to me, it would stay warm all year long.  Well, I suppose for some of you in those Southern states, it does, now doesn’t it? For me in the Midwest, I’m not so lucky…. but I LIVE for Spring and Summer. In fact, my husband jokes that I start to get a little crabby come September simply because I know Fall will soon be followed by Winter, and getting through January and February around here isn’t always easy.

But I DO love Fall and Winter Fashions. Especially when I can keep the feel of Spring and Summer alive during the cooler months.

As I start to put many of my flip flops and tank tops away, I find I am unwilling to part with a few items that keep me feeling sunny and cheery.

This is how I keep the Spring and Summer alive in my wardrobe even when the temperatures dip far below what I normally love.


Are there any article of clothing you keep around year-round?  How do you keep them timely?

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