Rainbow Party Inspiration: 20 Colorful Ideas for Kids' Birthday Parties


This weekend we saw a double rainbow in our backyard. What does it MEAN? Ha, I’m not sure but it certainly was beautiful and it got me thinking about the rainbow trend in kids’ parties. I pulled together 20 adorable and creative ideas for rainbow themed activities and decor for kids’ birthday parties. Take a look at these 20 Colorful Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties after the jump…

  • Balloons 1 of 21

    Of course rainbow balloons and streamers are the quickest way to bring your theme to life. Source 

  • Fondant Rainbows 2 of 21
    Fondant Rainbows

    Make for perfect, simple cupcakes. Source 

  • A Fruit Rainbow 3 of 21
    A Fruit Rainbow

    Love this idea of a healthy rainbow treat! Source: Fun Finds For Mom 

  • Rainbow Shots 4 of 21
    Rainbow Shots

    Dip the rim of a glass of pudding or milk in rainbow sprinkles. 

    Source: Fun Finds For Mom 

  • Party Hats 5 of 21
    Party Hats

    A rainbow of party hats is simple and sweet. Source: Fun Finds For Mom 

  • Rainbow Paint Station 6 of 21
    Rainbow Paint Station
    Whether t-shirts or cardboard rainbow cutouts, a craft station is always a hit. source
  • Cupcake Pallet 7 of 21
    Cupcake Pallet
    Adore this painter's pallet of rainbow cupcakes. source
  • Rainbow Tablecloth 8 of 21
    Rainbow Tablecloth
    Simply stunning. source
  • Rainbow Balloon Wreath 9 of 21
    Rainbow Balloon Wreath
    How cute! source
  • Rainbow Jello Salad 10 of 21
    Rainbow Jello Salad
    Yum! source
  • Rainbow Candy Jars 11 of 21
    Rainbow Candy Jars
    So easy to do with such a big impact. source
  • Rainbow Pallet Cookies 12 of 21
    Rainbow Pallet Cookies
    Possibly the cutest sugar cookies I have ever seen. source
  • Rainbow Pom Pom Garland 13 of 21
    Rainbow Pom Pom Garland
    This would look great in the nursery post-party. source
  • Rainbow Gummy Skewers 14 of 21
    Rainbow Gummy Skewers
    Stack rainbow candies onto sticks. source
  • A Rainbow of Soda 15 of 21
    A Rainbow of Soda
    Sparkly and sweet. source
  • Rainbow Straws 16 of 21
    Rainbow Straws
    A pretty touch. source
  • Rainbow Legos 17 of 21
    Rainbow Legos
    Arrange the bricks by color and let the kids go to town. source
  • Rainbow Tissue Pom Poms 18 of 21
    Rainbow Tissue Pom Poms
    Lovely. source
  • Rainbow Lollipops 19 of 21
    Rainbow Lollipops
    Attach a homemade label for a cute favor. source
  • Rainbow Cake 20 of 21
    Rainbow Cake
    And of course, a rainbow cake for the birthday boy or girl. source
  • Rainbow Party Ideas 21 of 21
    Rainbow Party Ideas
    Do you have any rainbow party ideas we missed?

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