Red Denim and …


My favorite pair of jeans these days almost didn’t happen. I stood there at the Zara for what felt like hours trying to decide if red jeans was something I could pull off. So far, those jeans have been the best purchase of the year.

After the jump, some really great outfit inspirations to help you style your red jeans, as well as a few sources for snagging your own pair of red denim. (Including a budget option!)

After the jump, it’s “Red Denim and Dot Dot Dot.” Hope you enjoy!

  • … Native American Inspired Prints 1 of 16
    ... Native American Inspired Prints
    Nothing plays off that dusty tomato better than a really great print!
    This Red Denim and ... from Keiko Lynn
  • … Fur 2 of 16
    ... Fur
    Anything textural in the beige/brown family is going to make your red pants very happy.
    This Red Denim and ... from Atlantic-Pacific
  • … Beige 3 of 16
    ... Beige
    See? Safe, but always chic.
    This Red Denim and ... from Lily's Style
  • … Rad Beach Cruiser 4 of 16
    ... Rad Beach Cruiser
    Dress those puppies way down, and they're still amazing.
    This Red Denim and ... from Cup Of Jo
  • … Knee-high Boots 5 of 16
    ... Knee-high Boots
    Most especially in brown.
    This Red Denim and ... from Olivia Palermo
  • … Even More Red! 6 of 16
    ... Even More Red!
    I dare you.
    This Red Denim and ... from How Does She
  • … Leather! 7 of 16
    ... Leather!
    Looks tough!
    This Red Denim and ... from Officially Kourtney
  • … A Giant Clutch 8 of 16
    ... A Giant Clutch
    I like the unexpectedness of that deep plum red. Very wintry!
    This Red Denim and ... from Fashion Finder
  • … A Headscarf! 9 of 16
    ... A Headscarf!
    Red pants are already going the dramatic route, why fight it?
    This Red Denim and ... from Kate Spade
  • … Sailor Stripes 10 of 16
    ... Sailor Stripes
    Red pants were made for sailor stripes. See?
    This Red Denim and ... from Chictopia
  • … A White Tee! 11 of 16
    ... A White Tee!
    When in doubt, a white tee shirt is always chic. (A striped scarf can only help.)
    This Red Denim and ... from EmersonMade
  • … Booties 12 of 16
    ... Booties
    That's our very own Liz Stanley right there!
    This Red Denim and ... from Say Yes To Hoboken
  • … Bright Yellow 13 of 16
    ... Bright Yellow
    This Red Denim and ... from Kate Spade
  • … Loose-Fitting Bouse 14 of 16
    ... Loose-Fitting Bouse
    Something flowy and romantic will off-set the huge statement happening below the belt.
    This Red Denim and ... from We Heart It
  • … Silky Whites 15 of 16
    ... Silky Whites
    Practically office-appropriate.
    This Red Denim and ... from Alexxandra 81
  • … Purple! 16 of 16
    ... Purple!
    Why not?
    This Red Denim and ... from We Heart It

To get your own pair of flashy red pants, try Urban Outfitters ($58), Madewell ($88), or Barney’s ($180).

(For super cheap with a flared leg, try these from Forever 21!)


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