Return to the Classics: 5 Timeless Hairstyles


Hair trends come and go, but there’s always something to be said for sticking with the classics. From sweet braids (they can look grown-up with just the right styling!) to long and wavy, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite timeless hairstyles. Find your favorite, after the jump!

  • Parted + Pulled Back Tightly 1 of 5
    Parted + Pulled Back Tightly
    This is a classic and easy hair style for work or evening. It's no fuss and a great way to keep hair out of your eyes. It's also quite stunning and timeless.
    Spotted at Built By Wendy
  • Long and Wavy 2 of 5
    Long and Wavy
    This is a soft and pretty look for evening. Try asking your hair stylist for swooping bangs. They are a little softer than either alternative and look great with wavy hair.
    Spotted at Toast
  • Braided Bun 3 of 5
    Braided Bun
    This bun is braided and sits at the nape of the neck. It doesn't get more practical or classic than this!
    Spotted at Margaret Howell
  • 70’s Inspired Straight Hair 4 of 5
    70's Inspired Straight Hair
    Stuck with straight hair? Embrace it with this clean cut look!
    Spotted at J.Crew
  • Two Braids 5 of 5
    Two Braids
    Braids can be grown-up! Take a cue from Wiksten designer, Jenny Gordy. Slather on the red lipstick and keep the ensemble neutral.
    Spotted at Wiksten

Top photo by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten.

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