Rifle Stationery Halloween Invitations


You want to throw a Halloween Party but don’t have time to put together detailed invitations that look like they were hand scrawled in blood? Have no fear Rifle Paper Company is here. Rifle Paper Company makes premade invitations that will take 20 minutes to put together but are so cute they put all the other pre-made invitations we’ve seen to shame.

The hand painted illustrated invitations come in packs of 10 with a set of black envelopes. Use a white ink pen to write in your information for a whimsical & oh-so-very Halloween look.

Click through to see the other styles of invitations.

We also love this Wizard of Oz inspired witch poster. The hand drawn illustrations add such a darling element to the invitations. We think we’ll throw a Halloween Party just so we can use these. The invitations are $20/pack and can be purchased here or here.

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