Rodin Olio Lusso: Gorgeous, Dewy Skin is Just a Drop Away


I have two friends who are blessed with the most gorgeous skin—and while I hate to use this phrase, I will—especially for women their age.  Don’t get me wrong they are by no means old. Each is at least a half a decade younger than I am. But each possess a complexion reserved for girls in their early 20’s. While I chalked it up to good genes, and lamented my more ruddy faced roots, each of my friends, separately, confessed the secrets (besides their DNA) to their youthful, dewiness: Rodin Olio Lusso. Created by Linda Rodin, a stylist and former fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar, this elixir has a strong following among fashion and beauty insiders as a miracle oil for women of all ages who seek beautiful, dewy skin. (Uh, what woman doesn’t?) It’s made with an exclusive, aromatic blend of 11 essential oils (from flowers and botanicals) that soothe and soften the skin and give it a gorgeous glow. The line includes a face oil, body oil and lip balm (which I tested and is fabulous).

As is always the way, there is a price to pay for youth in a bottle. In this case, it’s $140 for one ounce of the Luxury Face Oil. But you only need a couple of drops per application so it truly will last a long time. And isn’t soft, supple, healthy, glowing, gorgeous skin worth it? I think so. That’s why as soon as I finish up the last bit of a face cream I’ve been slathering on my skin for the last few months—with nothing remotely radiant to show for it—I’m going to add Rodin Olio Lusso to my skincare regime. And, if all goes well, I will subtract a few lines (and years) from my face.

See full product descriptions of the entire Olio Russo line after the jump.

RODIN olio lusso, composed of an aromatic blend of eleven essential oils is derived from flowers and other botanicals-every one of them known for their skin-soothing, softening and glow-giving properties. Blended together, they leave the skin looking and feeling instantly supple, radiant and hydrated. RODIN olio lusso is more than a liquid moisturizer. It is a skin scent that is chemical free, and makes your skin the best it can be naturally. Available in a face and body formulas.

Rodin’s Olio Lusso deeply moisturizing sheer lip balm leaves lips naturally luminous and radiantly supple- a sensual indulgence with its jasmine and neroli scent.

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