5 Daily Routines to Reconsider for Your Family's Health

There are a lot of ways to improve the quality of our lives, but it can also be a confusing subject for families. The many products being advertised and the many hacks being promoted to make us healthier and happier can just be confusing. In fact, some of the common things we use and do daily may actually be doing more harm than good.

Here are five things you may do each day that you might want to reconsider…

  • 5 Routines You May Want to Reconsider For Your Family’s Health 1 of 6
    routines to reconsider for your family's health

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  • Hand Sanitation 2 of 6
    hand sanitizer

    While clean hands do lead to better health, if you are a chronic hand sanitizer you may want to cut back on your germ-killing sprees. It is always better to use regular soap and water to ensure hand cleanliness. Dermatologists are discovering that overuse of hand sanitizing products outside of soap and water leads to increased bacteria growth and virus resistance. Some sanitizer gels contain ingredients that prove to be more harmful than helpful. The ingredient triclosan is an example of one that promotes what you are trying to eliminate, namely bacteria. 

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  • Disinfecting Cleaners 3 of 6
    disinfecting cleaners

    Like hand sanitizers, these products can actually cause health issues instead of helping to avoid them. Chemical cleaners can be pricey, and in most cases they do not work any better than more natural cleaning products like vinegar. Some cleaners contain chemicals linked to breathing issues such as asthma. You should also keep up with regular cleaning tasks to prevent the buildup of tough messes that require tougher cleaners.

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  • Tooth Brushing Too Often 4 of 6
    tooth brushing

    The old adage that brushing your teeth after each meal will promote good oral health may not be as factual as was once believed. Dentists are now saying that after eating a meal, acid from the foods you eat can cause your enamel to weaken and brushing immediately after breakfast, lunch, or dinner can brush off the enamel as well. Rather than compulsively brushing, rinse out your mouth with a quality cavity-fighting mouthwash. Brush in the morning when you wake up to remove overnight germs and at night before bed. Flossing after each meal can also help reduce cavities and gum issues by removing food particles trapped in teeth that are not removed during rinsing.

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  • Avoiding the Tap 5 of 6
    tap water

    Bottled water is a popular choice for getting your fill of the daily H2O you need to stay hydrated. However, bottled water lacks something your tap water has built in: the fluoride necessary for a healthy mouth. Doctors recommend adding a filter system to your tap water which will purify the water, but leave the essential fluoride and other minerals you need for good health.

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  • Vitamins and Supplements 6 of 6

    The healing power of vitamins and supplements are often being touted in the news, but many people take too much of the wrong thing. More often than not, they don't even need them. Too much of certain vitamins or minerals can actually cause health problems, so only add supplements to your daily diet per your doctor's instruction.

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