Royal Wedding: The Creepiest Royal Wedding Products Ever


Happy Royal Wedding Day, everyone! Now that the processional is over and Britain has themselves a brand new Princess, there’s one question left: What ever will we obsess about next? But not so fast. There’s still some crazy left in the Royal Wedding hoopla.

You thought the Royal Wedding refrigerator was bad? Hotel chain Premier Inn printed the images of Prince William and Kate (excuse me, Catherine) Middleton on a select number of duvet covers, giving guests the chance to feel like royalty for the night. Or at least reenact their delusional fantasies.

Seriously, as I type this, there’s someone snuggling underneath the covers with the image of Kate Middleton on top of her. My guess is the Prince William side is empty.

See more creepy, inappropriate Royal Wedding products:

Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction. The Queen must be so proud.

The Royal Throne. Besides looking tacky and being a stalker red flag, it’s…gross.

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