Say Cheese! 10 Rings to Make You Smile for the Camera


Here’s another fun way to “ring” in the new year! Find out where to get 10 of the cutest little camera rings you ever did see, below.

  • Pictured in Paris Ring 1 of 10
    Pictured in Paris Ring
    Ooh la la. Remember past trips (or just pretend!) with this statement ring.
    Available at ModCloth for $17.99
  • Gold Camera Ring 2 of 10
    Gold Camera Ring
    The all-gold look of this one is nice and a little more sophisticated.
    Available at Karma Loop for $8
  • Copper Travelers Flash Camera Ring 3 of 10
    Copper Travelers Flash Camera Ring
    Copper, a cute flash, and a filigree ring all add to the vintage charm.
    Available at Vintage and Glam for $15.50
  • Silver Camera Ring 4 of 10
    Silver Camera Ring
    Simple and silver.
    Available at Gr0gimann for $7.99
  • Hot Shot! Camera Ring 5 of 10
    Hot Shot! Camera Ring
    Bam! That's quite a lens.
    Available at Fred Flare for $12
  • Full Tilt Rhinestone Flash Ring 6 of 10
    Full Tilt Rhinestone Flash Ring
    A little bling for your ring.
    Available at Tilly's for $4.99
  • Soft Focus Ring 7 of 10
    Soft Focus Ring
    That's a whopper of a ring, but I kind of dig the heft.
    Available at Old Gold Boutique for $42
  • Purple Epoxy Camera Ring 8 of 10
    Purple Epoxy Camera Ring
    The vivid purple is a fun touch on this one.
    Available at Sears for $6
  • Polaroid Camera Ring 9 of 10
    Polaroid Camera Ring
    Instant camera = instantly adorable.
    Available at Wishbowl for $13
  • Lovely Camera Rings 10 of 10
    Lovely Camera Rings
    Choose black or pink. Or both! They're super cheap.
    Available at Go Favor for $1.59

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