Say Goodbye to American Eagle's 77Kids


One of the raddest mainstream clothing companies for kids is closing its doors.

American Eagle’s line for toddlers and kids (ages 2 – 10) launched only four years ago, but the company is already calling it quits:

The comments from their 250,000 Facebook fans showed, of course, shock, sadness, even outrage. I can understand their feelings, especially as a mom of a little boy — it’s one of the few sources we have for affordable, cool boy clothes. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and prices after seeing the clothes in person, and I know they have sales as often as any other chain store. They may not be the most visible brand for kids (only 22 stores), but I’m still surprised that they’re shutting down.

The decision was purely business — money, money, money — but 77kids gave a small glimmer of hope on their Facebook page: “The future of the brand is still unclear — please check back for the latest details!”

It’s a bummer to see such a promising brand close, but does this mean some big sales soon? Silver lining, people. Silver lining.

Are you sad to see 77kids go?

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