Say Yes to This Pendant. It's a Bargain!


If you’ve got a friend that’s longing for a trip (or a move!) to France, here’s the perfect gift to keep their hopes up, while they save their pennies and make their plans — a little “oui” necklace! Isn’t it perfection? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Best part: it’s only $18. Bestest part: I know a code that will get you 20% off. Click through to see two more of my favorite pieces from Armelle Jewelry — and to find the code.

This golden bear charm would be amazing for a friend living in the Golden State. (Have you ever seen the California State Flag?)

This pyrite nugget is so rough yet chic. I adore it!

To get 20% off on your purchase from Armelle Jewelry, use the code: DESIGNMOM — the code will work for a week from today. Happy shopping!

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