Scan & Share Your Old Photos with ShoeBox


Shoebox iPhone App

Wondering what to do with that stack of old pictures sitting around gathering dust? Digitize them! The new ShoeBox app from 1000memories allows you to snap pictures of old photographs using your iPhone and instantly post them to Facebook.

How it works

ShoeBox’s edge detection and perspective correction makes sure that the paper photographs you scan turn out beautifully. After scanning, you can quickly crop, straighten, rotate your photo, as well as record the stories behind the photographs by adding captions, dates and tags.

Your photos are saved on your iPhone and on 1000memories where they can be shared for free with friends and family. You can also share via Facebook and Twitter. All photos on 1000memories are backed up and preserved forever through their partnership with the Internet Archive.

Watch the ShoeBox commercial


Download ShoeBox by 1000memories for free on the iPhone App Store!


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