Screen Cloth? Subway Map? Yes and Yes.


These days it’s not rare to have a face full of screen for most of the day. Between our computers at work, our laptops at home, the smartphones in our pockets, and the iPads and reading devices by our bed, most of us get a lot of screen time in an average day. And we deserve to have those screens clean, don’t we? Is there anything more humbling than a laptop glimmering with the evidence of smudgy fingers in the wrong light?

Follow up question: Have you ever tried to clean a laptop screen using a baby wipe? (I have! I don’t recommend it.)

Luckily I came across a company specializing in screen cloths–the right kind of screen cloths that will actually do the job and preserve the techno mumbojumbo that makes your screen work–that also happen to feature a licensed MTA map of the NYC subway system. Two birds? One stone? After the jump.

The company is called Declan and they are the only officially MTA licensed screen cloth company. What a distinction! You can also work with their design team to create custom cloths featuring your own design or photo. Imagine your kid’s mug on a screen cloth! That’s cute. (Or your company logo for conference hand outs?) Their pop art bike cloth is also really cool. You can order yours HERE. You’ll never be lost on the train with a smudgy smart phone ever again!


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