Send The Love: Mess-Free DIY Valentine Postcards


I love receiving surprises in the mail — and this is the perfect time of year to be the sender of the love. Today I’m going to sit down with my son (and let him add his personal touch!) to send out these printable love postcards to our friends and family. Not only are they cute, they couldn’t be easier! You can print them at home, then just add a stamp and address to mail. These will stand out in the stack of bills, that’s for sure.

I’m planning on sending the foxy one to all my gal pals, the milk-and-cookies one to my best friend, and the “you are literally my fave” one to anyone who I’m a fan of (but they also need to love Parks and Rec so they can hear Chris’ voice as they read it). I might just send a few to each person as a mail advent of sorts. Although they may just think I’m forgetful.

Download all four designs right here and the backside right here. Then get sending the love.

  • Printable Postcards for Valentine’s Day 1 of 7
    printable valentine postcards
  • Printable Postcard Designs 2 of 7
    Printable Valentine Postcards

    Everybody loves receiving happy mail so why not be the sender of it? These postcards are as easy as one, two, three. Just print, cut, and add a stamp and address to send a sweet greeting to a loved one. Download all four designs right here.

  • Milk & Cookies 3 of 7
    milk & cookies

    Are you and a friend as good together and milk and cookies? Let them know with this design.

  • You Are My Fave 4 of 7
    you are my fave

    This design is gender neutral and good for any day of the year. Just don't let friends see you sent the same one to someone else.

  • I’ve Fallen For You 5 of 7
    I've Fallen for You Valentine

    Send this lumberjack design to your significant other or attach it to their V-Day gift.

  • You’re Foxy 6 of 7
    you're foxy valentine

    Everybody wants to hear that they're good looking. Print this design for to send a smile. 

  • Postcard Back 7 of 7
    printable postcard design
    Of course to make it a postcard, you need room to add an address and stamp. Here is the back for each design. It aligns with the front so just print it double sided and cut for your complete postcard.