Seriously?! I am DYING Over These Pajama Jeans


Pajama Jeans PhotoHoly coolness. What you are about to see will blow your infomercialized mind forever. Pajama Jeans! This is so crazy it just might work.

Check out the genius of these pajama jeans for new moms and work-at-home freelancers after the jump…

Pajama Jeans Photo

As a freelancer mom working at home, I swear this is the answer to all my style woes. Instead of having to get dressed, I will just roll out of bed in these bad boys and proceed to go about my day.

Yes, this is not a joke! These are pajamas that look like jeans!! New moms are sure to want a pair of these too for pretty much every single day of their lives — be it running around the house, kids’ school drop offs, or stops at the grocery store. And consider the possibilities for Thanksgiving dinner. Now you can eat all you want and still look great — wearing your pajama jeans. I don’t know whether to buy them or just stare in disbelief.

What do you think? Would you wear these?

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