Seriously Pretty Necklaces From Leif


I love a pretty and colorful necklace. These new necklaces from Leif are kind of irresistible. And they’re affordable too! Check them out.

  • Pretty, Pretty Necklaces 1 of 9

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  • Pinks 2 of 9
    necklaces 01

    The various shades of pink go perfectly together. And I love the little wooden cube! 

    Get it here for $48 from Leif.

  • Blues 3 of 9
    necklaces 02

    I am kind of partial to blues. But my favorite part of this necklaces is the tiny copper tube. Adorable. 

    Get it here for $44 from Leif.

  • Geo 4 of 9
    necklaces 03

    What do you get with a sphere, two tubes and a faceted shape? One great necklace.

    Get it here for $42 from Leif.

  • Busy 5 of 9
    necklaces 04

    This one is a little busier, but I love that about it. It would give Beck plenty to look at.

    Get it here for $44 from Leif.

  • Purples 6 of 9
    necklaces 05

    The purple colors go perfectly with the copper. So pretty.

    Get it here for $48 from Leif.

  • Green 7 of 9
    necklaces 06

    I love the light green bead. And the imperfect rings are...perfect. 

    Get it here for $48 from Leif.

  • Pastels 8 of 9
    necklaces 07

    I love some pretty pastels! This necklaces is amazing.

    Get it here for $48 from Leif.

  • Fave 9 of 9
    necklaces 08

    This one might be my favorite. I just love the colors and the tiny triangles are the perfect touch.

    Get it here for $46 from Leif.

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