Skateboard + Stroller = This


The Orbit Sidekick is a wheeled board for its G2 stroller that puts a unique twist on what has become a pretty standard accessory for high-end strollers.

As you can hopefully tell from the image, the Sidekick is designed to look like a skateboard or surfboard, but besides looking cool the design serves two other purposes. By placing the board on the side of the stroller, the parent’s legs can move freely under the handle making walking with a child on the board much easier than traditional wheeled boards. Also, standing on the board sideways like a skateboard makes for a much more stable ride (not to mention more fun for the kids). You can even use two of them at the same time.

The materials also live up to Orbit’s high standards. The wood meets California’s emission standards for formaldehyde, and the glue and grip tape are PVC free. (PVC free grip tape is something Orbit tells me was so impossible to find they had to have it made themselves).

The Orbit Sidekick was just released on for $120 per board. –Chris Ford

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