Skip Hop's Rubber Duck Bath Toy: How to Make Baths Fun!


For as long as I could remember, I loved taking baths. I had a ball splashing around pretending I was a mermaid.

But my favorite times were when my mother got out the special bubble bath stuff — then I wanted to sit in the tub forever with the pretty foams I could make into whatever I wanted.

Because, let’s be honest, anything is more enjoyable with cool toys to entertain yourself with. Luckily, for parents less fortunate than mine, whose little ones scream the minute a toe touches water, Skip Hop has the perfect solution for making bath time a little more fun.

These cheery rubber Duncks ($10.00) come in three bright colors and conveniently stack together. But our favorite part? They do double-duty as toys and rinse cups–so babies and tots can have fun and stay clean. Too cute!

See how it works:


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