Sleep in Solution for Mom: Breakfast in Bed Toy


As a single mom, there is no one to switch off with when it comes to sleeping in. My son, JD, who turns 3 this month has an internal alarm clock that sounds at 6 A.M. every, single, day — that’s Saturday and Sunday, too.

Now, I don’t mind making coffee at dawn Mon-Fri, because I have work and need to get his little butt to summer camp, but when the weekend rolls around, you better believe I want to sleep in. Yeah, not happening!

That said, I think I deserve some breakfast in bed–cooked and served via JD. Wait until you see this life-like play set I found–it’s delish! Now I can sleep in while my son cooks me a feast–seriously, I would totally plop this toy and him in my bed and could probably get an extra 20 minutes of relaxation. Simple, yet engaging, the set features, 13 wooden play foods (2 slices of bread, a roll, sausage link, bacon, cheese, fried egg, salt, pepper and hard-boiled egg and holder), plus a traditional wooden tray. For a teachable moment, go over foods, colors and shapes while playing.

The wooden toaster (sold separately for $29) is equipped with a realistic pop-up action and timer function for the perfect pretend toast–BOING, how fun! (Also works those small motor skills!) Like all play food sets and kitchen units, this is an ideal way to keep your toddler entertained while you’re busy preparing a real meal in the kitchen.

I give this toy 10 YUMS!

Starting at $24.95,

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