Sleeping Suspended: Hanging Beds


If you’re the type to fall asleep while swinging in the hammock, here’s a collection of hanging beds to spark your imagination. If you’re feeling inspired, we’ve even included a link to free detailed plans for building your own.

suspended bed

Personally, I’d be a bit worried about using any of these—my kids would surely put something like this through rigorous quality testing. Maybe if they were connected to steel beams…

suspended bed

net floor

Suspended net floor (via architecture blog)

hanging bed

Lovely hanging bed (via flickr)

hanging twin beds

Hanging twin beds (via flickr)

suspended bunk beds

Bedroom for three boys with hanging beds (via flickr)

floating bunk beds

Floating bunk beds (via pinterest)

Suspended rope bed

Suspended rope bed (via flickr)

Want to give it a try yourself? Visit for detailed plans to build a hanging daybed!

Hanging Daybed Plans

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