Snazzy Napper Or Scary Napper?


OK, so you’ve heard of the Snuggie and you may even have one. I don’t. I’m fine with my blanket and glass of wine to keep me warm on cold nights. Well, move over Snuggie, the Snazzy Napper is here — but in my opinion it should be called, Scary Napper.

The Snazzy Napper looks like a twisted Halloween Costume or something Hannible would wear to bed. I mean, it’s fashioned like a cape, with one cut-out oval for your nose to poke through and for comfortable (really?) breathing. While the original Snazzy Napper covers your entire face and chest area — the extra-large works more like a blanket providing coverage to the knees. It’s soft and light-weight and promises to provide privacy on a plane, bus or car, while blocking out distracting light. It also comes with a compact travel case. One question: Would you dare? Would I? Would you strap this sucker on your kiddo?

Trust me, as a mom I sure could ALWAYS use a nap, but I’m not taking a nap in a Snazzy Napper!

If you want to, the original is $14.95 and the extra-large is $24.99

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