Snow in Hawaii? Thaw Off with American Girl's Girl of the Year Kanani


When most think of Hawaii they think of sunshine, the beach and their hot tropical weather. But apparently every now and then there happens to be something odd that happens in Hawaii. Snow. This winter season there has been snow in 49 of our 50 states. The one state that hasn’t been affected by snowflakes apparently is Florida.

But Hawaii is making the news these days not just because of snow fall but because of a very special doll…the new Girl of the Year from American Girl!

Each year there is a new doll released that pays tribute to a different type of young American lady. 2011 is celebrated with Kanani, a gorgeous gal from Hawaii, and this one is very special indeed.

Kanani sports a bright tropical dress, sandals, and a faux kukui nut necklace. But the coolest thing about Kanani is her lovely long hair. Her hair is long, like really long. And it just happens to be my daughter’s favorte thing about Kanani. She could spend eons just combing, smoothing and preening her locks. Her sun kissed skin, her friendly eyes and her American Girl spirit, well that’s just all a bonus.

The doll comes with the chapter book Aloha, Kanani which tells the tale of the friendly, helpful native Hawaiian and her close knit family. But be warned, your mainlander children are going to want to jet off to Hawaii themselves to see where Kanani lives. Better start saving those frequent flyer miles. But in the meantime, you can live vicariously through Kanani the American Girl of the Year from American Girl right here for $100.