Sony Dash Just Got Much More Dashing! And Its on SALE!


The Sony dash just got way more dashing. The “personal internet viewer” that uses your Wifi to run info and entertainment in the bedroom, kitchen or office. There are over 1,000 free apps you can use with the gadget and you can customize it to display your fav games, social networking site, and movies. It’s a great way to listen to Pandora, watch a Netflix movie or —for the kitchen to watch cooking demos. And now there is one more thing you can do on your Sony Dash.

The Sony Dash just partnered with Hulu to offer Hulu Plus on it’s units. So you can watch all your favorite TV shows anywhere. Sony’s SVP said of the new development:

“The addition of Hulu Plus serves as an ideal example of how Dash continues to evolve and improve over time. With Hulu on board, the Dash platform has the ability to deliver a huge variety of online entertainment instantly to consumers’ homes on top of glanceable, real-time tidbits of information.”

Now some may opt for a iPad to do those things but the Sony Dash has one thing the iPad doesn’t have. A great price. The Sony Dash regularly costs $199 but now it’s on sale for just $149.

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