Splurge vs. Save: Neutral Colorblock Heels


I’ve had my eye on those Kate Spade heels for the past month. I can’t afford them though, and they’re a little too trendy. Sure, I love them right now, but would I be as excited to wear them next year, or the year after? Sorry shoes, it seems we are not meant to be together.

…But that doesn’t mean I can’t think, while getting dressed, how cute those shoes would look with each outfit on a near daily basis. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found a similar pair at less than a tenth of the price!

I found those shoes above, on the right, at Target. They aren’t an exact match, but they’re good stand-ins, and they fill the same wardrobe gap. They have the same colors, the same heel height, and they will look good with the same outfits. Plus they’re comfortable (not always the case with inexpensive shoes), and if I deem them too trendy at summer’s end, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth!

What do you think? Would you splurge on the beautiful Kate Spade shoes or save on the look for less version?

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