Spring Cleaning Head Start: 8 Clever Organizing Tips


Spring is almost here and with that comes a little cleaning and perhaps a little household re-organization.  From the entryway to closets, with the turn of a new season, it’s time to switch things up putting away the mittens and winter boots and replacing them with the outerwear accessories for the season for example. It’s always a challenge to make everything work the way you intended, but with the right flow of the incoming and outgoing, a good organizing plan can work.  Here are a few ideas to get started.

Tip No. 1 – Catch Them at the Door – (Above) Scandinavian stylist An-Magritt does it right in her mudroom with the use of wooden crates turned storage bins tucked neatly underneath a bench.  One bin for each family member where they can drop everything into from hats, mitts, backpacks, etc.  The bench also is great for tying shoes and holding baskets for bulkier items such as bike helmets. Click below for more organizing ideas.

  • Tip No. 2 – Bring the Mail Inside 1 of 6
    Tip No. 2 - Bring the Mail Inside
    Bringing a mailbox inside makes for a great catch-all or to store things going out. It even will hold the odd shopping bag or two. (Photo by Roberto Caruso via
    Mailbox available at Home Depot.
  • Tip No. 3 – Office in a Closet 2 of 6
    Tip No. 3 - Office in a Closet
    Experts say to have a spot near the door to catch the incoming. So for example, have a spot for bills to be paid that come in from the mail, children's bulletins from school, notices, etc. An office in an entryway closet is the perfect place for this. The Container Store has an awesome office in a closet set up like their elfa Solid Shelving - that provides a comfortable work surface and storage above for supplies.
    Check it out here: Driftwood & Platinum elfa Office in a Closet.
  • Tip No. 4 – Manage Incoming Mail 3 of 6
    Tip No. 4 - Manage Incoming Mail
    The Container Store offers the suggestion to don't let mail take over your home — if you set up a system for managing mail and commit to staying on top of it as soon as it arrives, you'll prevent the paper trail from covering your home's every surface.
    Check out desktop storage solutions here.
  • Tip No. 5 – Display a Schedule 4 of 6
    Tip No. 5 - Display a Schedule
    The Container Store also suggests placing a wall-mounted calendar in a common area, such as the kitchen or family room, so you will know everyone else's schedule, resulting in less confusion about whose hockey game is on Saturday and who won't be available to babysit on Friday.
    Click here for different ideas for scheduling.
  • Tip No. 6 – Start a Collection Basket 5 of 6
    Tip No. 6 - Start a Collection Basket
    The Container Store has some great tips on organizing including this one to start a collection basket. Place a large basket near the most accessible door to collect library books, video rentals, mail, dry cleaning, and items to be donated or delivered. The next time someone is heading out to run errands, they can simply check the items in the basket. Likewise, set up a bin near the stairwell to collect items that need to go upstairs or downstairs.
    Click here to look at storage basket solutions.
  • Tip No. 7 – Think Outside the Shoebox 6 of 6
    Tip No. 7 - Think Outside the Shoebox
    Repurposing storage items for alternative uses can be a fun and clever way to get organized. Like this over-the-door shoe storage that holds barbie dolls (via
    Find over-the-door shoe storage solutions here.

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