Stuffed Animal With Vintage Charm


I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the stuffed animal. When holidays and JD’s birthday rolls around I actually have no problem telling family and friends to lay off the plush toys.

In my memoir Rattled! (Broadway Books, 2009) I actually write rant about this huge blue bear my Dad bought JD when he was born. That sucker is plopped in the corner of JD’s room–and sometimes he sits on it (yeah, sits–it’s that big huge).

Stuffed bears and bunnies and what have you, serve no purpose other than to collect dust (ew) and add more clutter to our smallish living space–I’ve donated random stuffed animals to a local shelter just to clear them out. I mean, this isn’t animal house–it’s our house.

Well, bite my tongue, I actually found a purr-fect pet I love! Wanna see? Wanna? Meet Leo the Lion, a Color Zoo Animal by Allen Ave. This kitty is hand-made using 1970’s vintage patterns and bright colors that promise to stimulate growing eyes and spark imaginative play.

The eyes and nose are safely embroidered over a soft cotton cover, so no need to stress about buttons coming loose. The white, spray of faux-fur on the face and tail are ideal for ticking tiny toes and even combing during a game of beauty parlor–or as we play in our house, “Pet Groomer.” When you and your kiddo aren’t playing with the toy, plop it on the dresser to add a striking decorative element to the nursery or playroom.

A unique baby shower gift that will serve a long play–then shelf life for sure.


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